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  • ★ SIZE AND DESIGN - Small top: 2 ¾” x 1 ⅝” x 1 ⅝” in RED, BLUE and GREEN in one shareable package.

  • ★ NOVICE TO INTERMEDIATE TOPS - This top is highly reliable and long lasting, due to its size and density the spinning top requires between novice and intermediate skill.

  • ★ OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP - These spinning tops (trompos) are a nostalgic part of many generations and it will be preserved for years to come, each top is handcrafted and quality is superb.

  • SPINNING TOPS INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing a set of Spin tops from Yajua Candies Inc. Before you start spinning please make sure that each top comes with a “button” and a sting for spinning. CONTENTS: 1.Spin Top 2.Sting 3.Wooden Button WARNINGS: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years old. SUFFOCATION HAZARD to avoid danger of suffocation keep this plastic bag away from children. The String – Each top is different and requires a certain length of string to spin correctly, included you will find a 56” string ideal for an adult of average height. TIP: The string may be waxed by pulling it across a candle or paraffin prior to use. WINDING YOUR TOP: 1.Tie the wooden button to the end of the string and make a knot at the other end. 2.Hold the knot over the top of the Spin top and wrap around the top edge. (Mirror this move for lefties) 3.Tightly WRAP the string counterclockwise around the spinning top as indicated by the pictures (Again, mirror this move for lefties) SPINNING YOUR TOP: 1.Place the button end between any two middle fingers and grab the top with the tip up, at all times. 2.Swing your arm through, like a tennis racket, starting slow and gaining speed after the top leaves your hand. Release the top as your arm crosses in front of your body. Remember, tip up and aim for the ground! 3.If the top does not spin straight the first time, do not get discouraged. Try various lengths of string and move the throw point in or out to fine tune. Good top spinning takes practice and consistency of throw. CAUTION: Your spinning top has a small and sharp tip and is not recommended for children under 3 years of age. NEVER THROW YOUR TOP AT ANOTHER PERSON. 4.For more trips and tricks visit YouTube. Enjoy!

    YAJUA Authentic Spinning Tops Classic Wooden Trompos with Jute Bag [Set of 3]